The Basics of Solar Cooking

The Basics of Solar Cooking

Sunshine is the most reliable resource we have, so why not use it? Uses for solar energy are abundant, but most don’t consider cooking with it. Solar cooking takes the power of the sun, reflects and focuses it in such a way as to produce a remarkable heat source. This is done using reflectively coated walls around the food. Think about how warm the summer sun makes a stone or the interior of a car. Similarly, a solar cooker intensifies the suns rays and makes them hot enough to cook an entire chicken or roast dinner.

Solar Cooking

Solar ovens are popular for camping and for those trying to save money, but they can also be fun and easy to use. Many people like to build their own, but they can also be purchased. Cooking solar saves money on gas or electric and doesn’t heat up your house in the summer. People not only cook meals in their solar ovens, but also bake, fry and make waterless boiled eggs. Some hold multiple pots, while others are made for single dish items.

Building Your Own Solar Oven

Building a solar oven can be an elaborate affair or as simple as lining a cardboard box, it depends on the foods to be cooked. The required materials can cost under ten dollars. Some designs will produce a higher heat than others, so it is important to understand your needs. There is also potential danger in some undercooked food, so using a thermometer to check temperatures is also highly recommended.

Solar Cooking Products

Commercially available solar ovens come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Prices will also vary depending upon their flexibility, ease of use and durability. Some are designed to carry anywhere, while others depend on a stable setting and are more permanent. Designs come in fold out, box, or hybrid designs. There are also items like reflective vinyl that can be purchased to aid in creating your own design.

Solar Cooking, A Global Solution

In some areas, the sun shines almost every day. This allows people to use their solar cookers on a regular basis if they choose. In some countries where electric and gas are scarce, wood is the only answer, but burning wood can make for a dirty environment. It can also be dangerous in dry climates and within enclosed areas for breathing. This makes solar cooking not only an efficient resource, but also a healthier lifestyle for many people.